Camp coffee essence is, in fact, chicory essence

Hugh Pearman referred to Camp as being coffee essence in his packaging article, when it is, in fact, chicory essence, and has no coffee in it whatsoever (Private View, DW 12 October).

It is bloody nice in cold milk, though.

Dan Rooms, Senior designer, Oculus Design and Communications, Reading, RG1 4QA

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  • Mike Saunders November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I prefer Camp coffee to any other. Two ot three teaspoonfuls in a cup, boiling water and cold milk.

    Can’t stand the instant granule stuff.

    I always drink Camp and friends keep a bottle in for me when I visit.

    No need to drink it cold or put it in cake mix. Try it as it is meant to be drunk.

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