Auto Windscreens to revamps centres

Auto Windscreens is mid-way through a redesign programme that will probably see it appoint a retail consultancy to revamp its 120 service centres.

The RAC-owned car windscreen fitting company is trying to distance itself from its parent company, which previously dominated its visual identity.

Auto Windscreens hopes to create a stronger, more independent brand, which is better able to compete against the market leader, Autoglass.

With this goal in sight, the company appointed Ben Snowdon, former project manager at Capital One and ex-product development manager at BMI, last July. While working for the airline, he oversaw the implementation of its Landor-designed rebrand.

Snowdon claims to have collaborated creatively with advertising agency KB49 on the company’s new identity, which was unveiled in July, as well as on its soon-to-launch website.

‘We are using a blue colour palette for the brand, trying to build values of empathy and trust. It is up to me to get the brand out in the marketplace and make people aware of who we are,’ he says.

Currently overseeing the roll-out of the new livery to its fleet of 800 vans, Snowdon references fast-fit garages Kwik Fit and HiQ, whose centres were redesigned by Fitch last year, as inspirational examples of auto centre design and branding.

‘Our fitting centres will be an important touchpoint, allowing the brand to live and breathe as people sit and wait in them.’

Manchester-based consultancy True North is redesigning the Auto Windscreens headquarters in Chesterfield.

No date has yet been set for a retail design pitch.

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  • lee tomlin November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    auto windscreens is in too much finacial problems to revamp up, the company will struggle to get back up to speed, poor managment thats driven the company to the ground, im a potential in the process of getting made redundant from the contact centre in chesterfield, 21 fitting centres to close, 37 in bound call takers are going, thing is all the contact centre staff will not be enough to cover the high amount of calls coming through.. just watch and wait for the company to go under

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