Professional services and corporate brands, with their vague, abstract marks and ‘dynamic/forward-looking’ brand values, beat their chests, but say nothing of substance. Why are these normally intelligent people happy to accept mediocrity? Must be all those brain-numbing internal alignment meetings and team-building sessions… and the fear of having an opinion. Oh, and charities – how many more people with raised arms holding hands can we take? Enough, already.

Franco Bonadio, Chief executive, Identica

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It’s very interesting to witness the relatively rapid evolution that the fast-food sector is undergoing. With changes in consumer attitudes and nimble upstarts appearing, it’s no surprise that behemoths such as McDonald’s are implementing change. Sure, it still sells millions of burgers each year, but it is showing another side to its character with initiatives such as Eat Smart and a softer approach to its in-store experience.

Crispin Reed, Managing director, Brandhouse

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