Orlando Hamilton hopes Household identity blooms

Household is to create a brand identity for Orlando Hamilton, in advance of the floral designer’s launch into supermarket retailing with a range of cut flowers and planted arrangements for Sainsbury’s.

The consultancy is developing a visual identity, which will be taken through all of Hamilton’s business interests, potentially including the ‘by’ range at Sainsbury’s.

The ‘by’ label will also encompass kitchenware and homeware ranges by Terence Conran and Orla Kiely, respectively, and will launch in early October across 160 stores (DW 13 May 2004).

‘We’re looking at a marque for [Hamilton] that he could use on everything from business cards to stationery to floral wraps,’ Household graphics director Christine Sellwood explains. ‘The idea is to create something organic, that can grow or rise to the occasion, and come to life in a 3D way.’

Household, which broke away from 20/20 in April, works on a range of branding, interiors and graphics projects, including a new-look communications scheme for Boots the Chemists (News Analysis, DW 26 August). It works alongside Inspired Retail Development, Amalgam and HMKM Design Consultants on the chain’s store formats.

Household comprises managing director Julie Oxberry, creative director, interiors Sarah Page and insights director Michelle Du-Prât.

Sara Hilden-Bengttson, formerly creative director at Swedish group Bass Brand Identity, will join the consultancy as graphics director this month.

The group won the branding project in August, on the back of its existing relationship with Hamilton.

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