UK plc needs train designs as sexy as this

I was interested to read Jim Davies’ lament about the state of rail in the UK (Private View, DW 19 August). I agree that there are some much better rail experiences to be found elsewhere in the world, but with the coalition Government’s commitment to High Speed 2, we are at an exciting point in the history of UK rail.

That’s why we designed the Mercury high-speed train concept recently (pictured) to highlight the importance of high-speed rail, both as the low-carbon, sustainable transport of the future and because a new British transport icon will offer us a crucial opportunity to champion our design and engineering industries in an increasingly competitive global economy.

If we are to persuade people to leave their cars at home, eschew domestic air travel and make rail their first choice, train travel needs to be as exciting as air travel and as sexy as the latest car.

It is imperative that the Government moves this project forward as soon as possible and provides a crucial boost to British design and engineering.

Paul Priestman, Co-founder, Priestman Goode, by e-mail

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