Waitrose rolls out “scan as you shop” app across UK stores

It is the first British supermarket to introduce its Quick Check technology on smartphones.


Waitrose has launched its Quick Check “scan as you shop” mobile app, more than 10 years after the supermarket’s handset scanner was first introduced in stores.

The app is automatically available to all MyWaitrose customers and replicates the existing handset service, allowing customers to scan product barcodes on their phone as they shop instead of at the checkout.

It also alerts them when there is an offer available on scanned products and keeps a running total of how much they have spent.

Developed with Zebra and Revision

Quick Check, which was developed in partnership with software developer, Revision and UK reseller and hardware provider, Zebra, lays the foundations for every part of a shopper’s visit to be assisted by smartphone, according to Waitrose.

“We know that customers are shopping little and often and therefore want the experience to be as convenient as possible,” says Mark Clifton, head of retail change at Waitrose.

“Being able to complete a whole shopping experience using only a smartphone means that shoppers can scan as they go, benefit from tailored offers, detailed product information and pay anywhere in the shop.”

“Clear and simple”

The app has been designed to be “clear and simple” to use, while the developers sought to make it look and feel as consistent as possible with the existing Quick Check handsets, so that customers will have a similar experience whatever system they are using.

Waitrose adds that there is the potential for extra functions to be added to the app in the future, which could include digital shopping lists, advertising relevant offers and mobile payment.

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