New wireless speaker designed to aid wellbeing

The Beacon can measure air quality and generate artificial sunlight as well as playing ambient sound and any music that the user wants to stream.

A new smart home product has launched, which is designed as a health and wellbeing device as well as a conventional wireless speaker.

Beacon, a muliti-sensory device, that has been designed by Living Labs, can measure air quality and generate artificial sunlight.

The air quality feature detects harmful particles, causing the Beacon to signal that action should be taken, such as opening a window. The logo on the side of the product lights up and alerts users to any environmental changes.

Gasses, smoke and pollutants can be detected

It can monitor temperature, humidity and pollutant gases such as ammonia, sulphur, benzene, ozone, nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide carbon dioxide and smoke.

Living Labs director, Kingsley Hull says: “In cities around the world, air pollution and its risk to our health is an increasing worry.

“The EU commission recently issued a final warning to the UK and four other countries about their air quality levels, yet progress is slow. Beacon is our way of helping users seize control over their environment and improving their quality of life.”

Mimicking natural light to help with sleep

Beacon has been designed to mimic the natural light cycles of a day in an effort to better align a user’s circadian rhythm (wake and sleep cycle) with the light and dark of the natural world.

A range of light intensity between 2500-6000 kelvins or 3-2500 lumens can be achieved by the device.

There are two four watt speakers built in, with a frequency range of between 20-20,000 hertz. These can be used to play “dynamic sounds” and noises such as white noise to hertz aid sleep or soundscapes to induce calmness.

The natural sounds and ambient noises have been developed with sound expert Dr. Stéphane Pigeon.

It can also be used to play personal music via Bluetooth from a user’s mobile phone.

An accompanying app means that users can receive real-time feedback on air quality and control the Beacon’s settings.

Living Labs says the product is ready to be manufactured when it reaches its crowdfunding target.


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