Design set to boom as sell-off gets under way

Corporate identity and literature work is set to boom as Australia’s privatisation of public utilities takes off this year.

The federal and state governments’ plans include selling off 22 airports, the electricity industry, state banks and water services.

“I think there’s a big scope [for design work], particularly in the electricity and water industries,” says Iain Marland, senior trade investment counsellor at Victoria House, the state’s trade representative in London. Victoria is to be a model for the rest of the country. Its electricity company will be divided into seven companies – two rural and five in Melbourne.

“In Victoria there was only one body promoting a corporate image [for electricity]. Corporate literature and identities will be hugely important in putting each company in the public’s mind,” Marland adds. “The same will be true of water,” which is to be restructured into six businesses.

Corporate literature will be particularly relevant as part of the new companies’ launches and flotation packages, and later on when they are likely to be able to compete for customers in other states, Marland comments.

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