Designers to pitch for work on UN’s peace money

The UN this week unveiled its plans to introduce a global unit of currency (GUC) following bitter feuding between hackerists from rival stock markets.

The recent economic ceasefire between companies trading in pesos and Ecus – the only remaining currencies after the demise of the dollar and yuan last year – paved the way for a statement by United Nations secretary-general Chelsea Clinton to the effect that the GUC will be introduced in 2050.

Clinton says that the GUC will exist both on and offline in “a consistent, tamper-proof” form. A designer has yet to be chosen.

Sources at the UN suggest that the appointment will be a political choice. A global consultancy or a stateless networker would appear to be the most diplomatically acceptable options. The UN is expected to convene an international jury to select a shortlist of contenders for the design contract early next year.

Clinton says the Ecu and peso will be phased out during a special “GUC hour” on 1 January 2050. A virtual shadow currency will be instituted at 3pm on 25 December 2049 to assist with this process.

Michael Johnson, secretary-general of Icograda, says that the global graphic design community will press for localised versions of the currency to protect revenue. He believes that local adpromo openings will probably still exist on both real and virtual GUCs.

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