Monica Oechsler and Dryden Goodwin

Currently showing at The Other Side of Zero video festival in Liverpool, the works of Monica Oechsler and Dryden Goodwin follow the human face through a whole range of expressions. They take a ‘fly on the wall’ look at, in Oechsler’s case, card players who are attempting to conceal their emotions, and in Goodwin’s case, the intense and uncontrolled emotions of spectators watching various sports. We never see the hands of cards or the sports in question, so we are kept guessing as to the triggers for these facial contortions.

Dryden Goodwin and Monica Oechsler appear in The Other Side of Zero: Video Positive 2000, at the Tate Gallery Liverpool, Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4BB, the Bluecoat Arts Centre, and the Open Eye Gallery, both in Liverpool, until 1 May.

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