Redhouse Lane boosts image for Infraco BCV

Communications specialist Redhouse Lane is producing an eight-page fortnightly newspaper, called Between the Lines, for London Underground contractor Infraco BCV. It will be launched next month.

From April 2001, Infraco BCV will be contracted by London Underground to own, maintain and improve track and other assets on the Bakerloo, Central and Victoria lines. The company will also be responsible for major projects, including a new automatic train control system on the Central Line.

Infraco BCV spokeswoman Amanda Claassen says the company’s 2200 workers will need to be kept informed of all developments in the future. “Our staff are working in a dynamic environment in a public/ private sector partnership that has no precedent. It will be crucial to get messages to them effectively so that the organisation runs smoothly and as a consistent group,” Claassen explains.

“The newspaper will help us draw together people who have previously been attached to different parts of the business. We chose Redhouse Lane because it is able to do a serious communications job in a way that entertains and involves, as well as informs.”

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