Fashion museum is under threat

Fashion designer Zandra Rhodes’ Fashion and Textile Museum in London is thought to be up for sale, after remaining closed to the public since February.

Industry sources and local estate agents say they believe the building is on the market, although a spokesman for the museum declined to comment, saying only that the building ‘has not currently been sold’.

Rhodes funded and launched the museum in May 2003, but she was unavailable to comment on its future as Design Week went to press.

The building, based in Bermondsey near the South Bank, closed its doors to the public in February, ostensibly for exhibition restructuring. The spokesman says there are no firm plans for reopening at this point. ‘[We] should have more definitive answers by the end of May,’ he says.

Funding issues are yet to be resolved and ‘options’ are being considered, including a re-opening with a more educational focus, adds the spokesman.

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