The cost of going Green is behind our ‘throw-away culture’

If British product design stands accused of creating a throw-away culture (DW 6 April), then retail design is an even worse offender. Sales, promotions and seasonal campaigns change weekly and with them point-of-sale, ticketing, in-store and window displays, posters, leaflets and so on.

Many retailers want to be more environmentally responsible, but potential converts still fail to see how it will increase sales. They are put off by the considerable initial investment required.

As a design consultancy with a conscience, we want to encourage and advise our clients on how to be more environmentally friendly – both for the sake of the environment, and as a differentiator.

It’s all very well having a cohesive corporate social responsibility policy, but it’s a frustratingly difficult business case to make. If just a handful of the large corporations bought into eco-friendly products and services, it could start to bring the cost down and help others to be more responsible.

Rachael Tapping, Creative planner, Fraserdesign, Hertfordshire, HP1 2RH

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