Harrison and Burholt start up Spacecraft

A new interiors and exhibitions consultancy has been set up by Terry Harrison and John Burholt, formerly senior designers at Fitch and BDG McColl respectively.

While both founders have retail and leisure backgrounds, “We want it to be wide-ranging and all-encompassing,” says Harrison. The group is designing offices for ad agency Barraclough Hall Woolston Gray, and it is on the Bluewater preferred suppliers list.

Spacecraft Design Consultants shares office space with John Harrison Architects. It intends to build up a network of groups “to give a total design service”, Harrison adds. There is already a link with the neighbouring architect.

This is the duo’s second business venture. The first, called Bedrock, was set up in 1994, but fell foul of the recession. “We are older and wiser” this time round, says Harrison. The consultancy will expand its numbers as its leads turn into projects.

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