Ortmans Young turns on German TV channel

A redesigned daily news output for German public broadcaster ZDF went live last Saturday, to be followed by a new on-air promotion package. Design for both is by Ortmans Young International in London.

The national channel’s news output includes midday, evening and late news, Heute Nacht, and a news magazine programme, Heute Journal.

“OYI designer Mike Ellis has created a family of sequences based around the channel’s symbol as a glass globe,” says a spokesman for OYI.

The consultancy constructed a modular system which is made up of a toolkit of 43 elements, so that the channel’s in-house team will be able to put together custom sequences.

The 69-sequence promotion package is scheduled to go on air at the end of the month.

“Strategically, we aimed to project a more relaxed and entertaining personality which could compete dynamically against the competition,” says consultancy creative director Marc Ortmans.

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