Selfridges signs point in the right direction

I found your story on Selfridges (DW 14 February) very interesting and informative – it’s good to see such comprehensive coverage of an interior in the magazine. But I was left wondering what was happening with signage and other graphics within the store.

Department stores are like mini cities, and for the many tourists visiting London stores they’re probably alien cities. It is therefore important to get the signage scheme right. Yet as far as I can work out, this doesn’t seem to form part of the overall Selfridges Masterplan.

Presumably this means that shoppers are left to take their chances up the back staircase, when all they were doing was following the rather haphazard signs to what they thought was a department on the next floor.

Can someone reassure me that this will not be the case?

Susan Evans

Interior designer

London NW8

You neglected to spot our news items on page 4 of the same issue which confirms that Newell and Sorrell has been appointed to review directional signage within the store – Ed.

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