20 February 2003

Springetts has its day at the races

Springetts is galloping towards completing design work this week on refreshed identities for Epsom Downs Racecourse and its prestige race The Derby. The five-figure project also involves rebranding the other

Credit to the opening titles

Film titles, particularly animated sequences, are riding a new-found wave of popularity, but not everything in the sector is rosy. Hannah Booth reports


Innovation: Harnessing Creativity for Business Growth is published by Kogan Page on 20 February, priced £25. Edited by Adam Jolly, the book is based on the results of a two-year


The Interiors Forum on 6 March looks at the effect of design on the running of the UK health service and the recovery of patients, and asks can design make

Winner of Royal Gold Medal

Spanish architect Rafael Moneo is this year’s winner of the Royal Gold Medal. The award, inaugurated in 1848, is conferred annually on a person ‘whose work has promoted the advancement

Unclear picture of Fitch’s future

The future of the Fitch brand within Cordiant Communications Group’s business portfolio is unclear this week, after weekend press reports suggested CCG would be paring its holdings down to the

Vox Pop

This week’s Packaging Solutions Advice Group debate will focus on whether or not design consultancies should offer strategic advice to their clients. What do you think, and why? ‘Strategic –

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