Designers need to be able to see beyond the red tape

The House of Lords debate on design in the public sector (DW 6 February) appears to focus on procurement as a problem, rather than an opportunity to be grasped.

If we can do one positive thing, it is to improve the way clients get the best out design, once the procurement process is complete.

Modernising the procurement process is the responsibility of civil servants who need to manage a fair, transparent and best value process. The difference is made by releasing the skills within our industry, so that design buyers can grow in confidence and leadership.

Design Does It makes that happen. It is the personal development programme for design buyers in the public sector, led by the Design Business Association, supported by the Design Council and COI Communications. Already over 60 delegates have had exposure to ideas from leading consultancies, communication specialists from Number 10 and the public sector.

Procurement enables many exceptional designers to work with Government. Unlocking their knowledge is at the heart of Design Does It. This is the design industry in the thick of the action and aiming to make a real difference to the delivery of public services.

Julian Grice


Design Business Association

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