Gregory throws down gauntlet

International student competition the Gregory Design Awards is challenging young designers to create solutions to the mobile nature of modern business.

Managed by the Australian EcoDesign Foundation, “Office on the Move” is open to undergraduates, postgraduates and teachers around the world.

“Maybe they’ll come up with ideas such as a lightweight transportable office carried as a suitcase to be set up in a hotel room, at home or at a client’s place,” suggests a spokesman for the competition.

An EcoDesign Foundation spokesman adds: “All designs will need to have the potential to succeed in the marketplace as a desirable product with sustainable ability.”

Design and architectural institutions from Australia, New York, Slovenia, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines are participating in the competition. Prizes of up to Australian $15 000 (£6000) are on offer. Closing date for entries is 31 July 2000.

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