Happy Shopper update by Dawe

Martin Dawe Brand Design has created a new brand for cash and carry giant Booker’s Happy Shopper brand, which is to be relaunched at Easter.

The Slough consultancy beat Elmwood and Tri-Art in a three-way creative pitch for the project, which also involves revamping packaging across 800 lines.

According to a Booker spokeswoman, research carried out six months ago by the UK’s biggest cash and carry group found that people liked the Happy Shopper name, but found the packaging to be “outdated”. The redesign will be phased in over several months.

MDBD managing director Martin Dawe says that the new marque is “versatile and category neutral enough” to apply to all product levels: “The identity uses hand-drawn typography with the two curves forming the smile underneath the ‘happy’ and the handle of a basket over the word ‘shopper’.”

Booker marketing director Steven Sharp adds: “The objective was to give the customer a credible product which they would be proud to put on their shelves and in their cupboards.”

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