Ident update for Sci-Fi channel

TV channel Sci-Fi has appointed The Clinic to develop on-screen graphics packages for two of its new programming strands.

The Clinic is an arm of The Brand Union, acquired by WPP Group last year (DW 15 October 1999).

Content for Pulp Sci-Fi, to be shown on weekdays from 4pm, and Altered States, scheduled from 8pm on Tuesdays, is currently being finalised by the channel’s in-house team.

The Pulp Sci-Fi ident will feature a futuristic TV screen, showing treated footage from featured programmes. These will include vintage episodes of The Incredible Hulk and The Six Million Dollar Man.

Altered States, meanwhile, will feature an androgynous figure to represent the “twisted dimension” of the programming.

Programmes will include Sleepwalkers and American Gothic.

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