Myriad Creative gives identity to new British Asian TV channel

The identity of a soon-to-launch Asian interest channel has been designed by Myriad Creative for digital satellite TV. Channel East, privately owned by the Bhabra family, aims to deliver a new generation of progressive programmes reflecting contemporary and traditional Asian culture in modern Britain. It launches at the end of the month. Myriad has created eighteen on-screen stings and a print version of the identity, which will be launched from broadcast studios in Hayes, Middlesex. ‘Our aim is to deliver a new generation of progressive programmes embracing the reality of the British lifestyle and Asian culture in the 21st century. Myriad has produced a range of executions that reflect these unique values,’ says Channel East director Pom Bhabra. ‘Channel East was very clear that the identity should look and feel very contemporary,’ says Myriad creative director Nick Paterson-Jones. ‘Channel East is talking to a market that few mainstream broadcasters have attempted to speak to, so we knew that it was important to pay very careful attention to the cultural subtleties that are involved. With so many elements and considerable scope from our client, we were in a position to push a few boundaries,’ he adds.

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