Was E-fact identity a Grossman recipe?

I was in the kitchen making cod with creamy tomato and leeks, and flicking through Design Week, when I reached page 7 to see E-fact’s new corporate identity for Greenwich Theatre (DW 7 January).

Stunning simplicity and clarity, I thought. I was nodding as I read E-fact managing director Daniel Blattler’s comments: “Allows the contrast of the familiar with the fascinating, the traditional with the contemporary”, when I suddenly realised just why it was so familiar and contemporary. In my other hand I was holding a jar of Loyd Grossman’s Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato, on the top of which was a stunningly simple logo, which looked the spitting image of the E-Fact marque.

However, although E-fact may not have dared to go where no one has gone before (and it is clearly just an unhappy coincidence), at least there seems no threat of legal action from Loyd. On the label he’s quoted: “I made them – so you wouldn’t have to!”.

Barry Dobson

Barry Dobson & Associates

Corporate Communications


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