The brief was that we were asked to design all the disposable elements for the on-board dining experience for Eurostar’s revamped First Class carriages.

The menus, table mats, tray liners, napkin rings, coasters, cutlery packs, and the sugar, salt and pepper sachets bring a humorous, theatrical opulence to the carriages. The germ of the idea came from sampling the quality of the food. After that, a few other factors came into play: The brief, the audience, the constraints, wanting to make a difference, British Rail, fine dining, trompe l’Å“il, Richard Hill (our client), Mark Elliot (our other client), depressing train food, the grand old age of train travel, Murder on the Orient Express, the smiles on passengers’ faces, advances in metallic printing, fear of missing the deadline, something Philippe Starck once said, fondant fancies, my granny’s doilies, the allure of wealth, Baroque, a lovely spring day in a European garden, Louis XV, crème brûleé, sushi, Cluedo, what the others at GBH are doing now, fish knives, airline economy class, gatefold record sleeve for the Rolling Stones’ Beggars Banquet LP, KFC’s luxurious hand wipes, cucumber sandwiches (crusts off), sharp pencils and brand new pens, sitting comfortably, doing something completely unrelated to what you’re actually supposed to be doing, the Horn of Plenty, greatness, mediocracy, Ivor the Engine, Ringo Starr, my great grandfather the butler, that Swedish chef in the Muppet Show, the Earl of Sandwich, Henry VIII, a gravy boat, Antiques Roadshow, a mug of tea, the glory of the British Empire, God, winning new clients, winning awards, getting paid, going home…

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