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Anyone who has to do the daily trawl of taking the Underground is surely getting a little miffed by all the works going on. Design Week believes Transport for London should take a leaf out of this book of the Stockholm’s subway system, which is beautifully designed and has some very unique decorations.
Hungarian freelance graphic designer Áron Jancsó is a self-confessed type addict. Individually crafted, custom letterforms which blend elements of modernism, street culture and calligraphy into experimental compositions is his niche. This blog exhibits just a few of his wonderful creations.
From Nat Thurkur leather grocery bags to a Matt Pugh playful dog lamp, Howkapow is a springboard for new designers, which functions as an online shop and promotional agency. Set up by Cat and Rog How in December , the site offers emerging designers promotional advice and commercial support.
Here’s some food for thought – the BBC’s Cordelia Hebblethwaite investigates how difficult-to-read fonts make for better learning. The article explores how information that is hard to digest means a person has to concentrate more, leading to ’deeper processing’ and ’better retrieval’ afterwards.

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