Bostock and Pollitt brands British Airways/Iberia merger group

Bostock and Pollitt has created the branding for International Airlines Group, the holding company that has been formed by the merger between British Airways and Spanish airline Iberia.


The consultancy was appointed to the work in the last quarter of last year, following a pitch involving British and Spanish consultancies, according to Bostock and Pollitt managing director Philip Mann. Bostock and Pollitt has previously worked for British Airways, Mann says.

IAG will not be a consumer-facing organisation and Mann says the consultancy was briefed to create an identity ‘that would look like a business-to-business brand’. He says, ‘It had to have authority and distinction and have flexibility for application.’

Mann says Bostock and Pollitt had considered creating a symbol as part of the identity, but dropped this idea over concerns that it might make it look too much like a consumer brand, Mann says.

He says the black and white colour palette gives the new brand a ‘neutrality’ while the use of an aircraft tailfin in the A anchors it as an airline brand.

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