Dalziel and Pow to style Shanghai flagship store for Chinese fashion brand Asobio

Dalziel and Pow has been appointed to design the flagship store for Chinese fashion brand Asobio in Shanghai’s main commercial thoroughfare, West Nanjing Road.

The consultancy was appointed in late November 2010 without a pitch on the basis of its retail design credentials, local experience and understanding of the brand, according to a spokesman for the consultancy. Dalziel and Pow says the client spoke to a few other local and international consultancies. Work began on the project in December, led by Stephen Cowles, managing director of the China office.

The Dalziel and Pow spokesman says, ’We’ve got a lot of global fashion experience and they recognised a lot of the brands we [have] worked with. There is also the reassurance of our experience of working with local clients.’

The project involves creating the store architecture, designing the interiors for the 1300m2 space and designing all the store’s navigational graphics.

The spokesman says, ’They have already got stores in other cities across China and they realised that the current design ideas they have wouldn’t work on this street.

’They need to step up the brand and step up their ideas, especially with the international competition in that location.’

It is hoped the store will open in September.

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