Deep writes a new script for legal recruiter Chadwick Nott

Chadwick Nott

Deep has created a new identity for legal recruitment company Chadwick Nott.

The consultancy was appointed in September 2010 following a four-way strategic pitch.

Chadwick Nott has a reputation for being very successful at placing London-based lawyers in the regions, but wanted an identity to match its plans to grow its business in London, China and Singapore, says Deep director Louise Barron.

Deep wanted to create an identity that spoke directly to the company’s audience and found through its research with lawyers that they were, above all else, lovers of language.

Barron says, ’We looked at Chadwick Nott’s competitors and there was nothing out there that carved out a well thought-through meaning behind the brand.’

The identity is inspired by the idea of ’signing on the dotted line’ and plays with the notion of signing contracts, the common denominator of Chadwick Nott and lawyers, says Barron.

The consultancy also focused on the face-to-face aspect of Chadwick Nott’s work, adding an element of handwriting to the identity. The website, due to launch in two weeks, features stationery-style touches, such as document stamps and side bars resembling Post-it notes.

Deep chose a teal colour to stand apart from competitors, which tend to use different shades of navy, says Barron.

The consultancy worked with Jim Davies, founder of copywriting studio Total Content, to develop a witty tone of voice, inspired by The Economist, which draws readers in with its copy, rather than with images.

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