Getting the craft back into young designer’s creativity

I totally agree with Steve Price’s views on the need for basic design skills and craft know-how despite developments in technology (, 11 January).

When I started out back in the 1990’s it was all about raw talent – the ability to draw and visualise an idea was key. It seems these days anyone who can switch on a computer and find their way round an Adobe package wants to be a designer.

I recently asked a design student what motivated them. The response was. ’I love computers and all stuff like that’. Needless to say, when I asked him to have a look at a logo design project he went straight to Google for ideas.

I sat him in a corner and gave him a fine liner and a layout pad. He told me he couldn’t draw for toffee and chuckled to himself. As an independent creative I’m amazed and frustrated by the amount of tosh being produced today due to a lack of basic skills and understanding.

Phil Young, by email

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