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Andrew Bunney. I first met Andrew when I was researching my book, Materials Process Print. He put me in contact with some work I wanted to include. This relationship has developed into me producing packaging for his jewellery, along with other projects. I’ve never been wholly sure what he does. Maybe I should ask more questions, but I am happy that he remains slightly enigmatic and one step removed.

His attention to detail is exhaustive and I have met my match in this respect. We speak and meet regularly to discuss his ideas and mine. He makes me aware of things I know nothing about. He is fascinated by print process, materials and packaging. He makes tangential links with what I do, thus making me think more deeply about how I go about my work

He also highlights deficiencies in what I do. This is not a bad thing,as it inspires me to look and re-look at how I work. He is deeply committed to the idea of craft in manufacturing. He has a belief over expediency, an innate feel for what is correct in whatever he does.

He also visits Japan far more often than I do, which always makes me jealous.

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