Mind Unit creates new LSO website

Mind Unit has designed a new website for the London Symphony Orchestra, with the aim of building longer visitor journeys.

The consultancy was appointed to the work about nine months ago following a pitch, according to Mind Unit principal Ian Budden.

The consultancy says the site has been based on analysis of interaction between departments at the LSO and mapping of how visitors interact with different elements of the LSO’s offering.

Budden says the consultancy worked to unite different parts of the LSO on the website, to create better user journeys. He says, ‘For example if you go to information about a concert you might be interested in buying a recording, so you are directed towards that.’

Budden says, ‘During a period when the arts will have to fight harder for funding, it’s essential that the LSO has an online presence that can maximise the performance of its retail operation as well as offer classical music fans a truly engaging introduction to the orchestra’s work.’

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