The Starbucks siren sings


There seems to have been a huge amount of chatter on the design blogs about the new Starbucks logo and most of it negative. For me, it represents a bold evolution of one of the world’s most salient brand icons. Freeing the siren from the old navy roundel and having the courage to remove the word mark entirely allows the siren to sing. After all, this mythical creature is the brand’s narrator and putting her front and centre allows it to tell stories beyond coffee.

Even though Starbucks chief executive Charles Shultz has said that it is ’all about coffee and always will be’, the reality is that Starbucks stands for more. Since introducing the notion of a third space (between home and work), the brand has long been the preferred hangout for chatting mums, students and budding authors.

The new identity asks an intriguing question; how does the siren help Starbucks navigate a world beyond coffee?

Stuart Wood, Executive creative director, Fitch

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