General Cologne undergoes corporate rebranding

Global brand strategy firm Corporate Branding has created a new identity for reinsurance company GeneralCologne, the new trade name born out of the integration of General Reinsurance and Cologne Reinsurance.

The new branding aims to unify the company’s appearance across different markets after years of operating under multiple brand identities.

In addition to the new brand, GeneralCologne has instigated a sweeping organisational restructure to link the two companies. It has also created a unified management structure headed by an executive committee, to which all 70 global business units report directly.

“After finalising the global brand strategy and the new trade name, the objective was to create a compelling identity. One area of exploration was an abstract design which became integral to the final logo,” said Andrew Bogucki, creative director at Corporate Branding.

GeneralCologne was created in 1995 by the merger of US-based General Re and German-based Cologne Re, both acquired shortly before that by investment group Berkshire Hathaway.

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