Royal College of Art student Jonathan Punter won a Best Design Interpretation Award for a car concept that aims to improve social interaction between family members. How would you improve your family car for the future?

It would be everything to do with sharing the journey and nothing to do with driving. The fully automatic car would allow a genuinely communal seating arrangement, access to everything we want during the journey, shared films and no expensive service station meals – we’d eat together on board. It should feel closer to a journey by train.

Nick Talbot, Design director, Seymour Powell

As I’m about to become a dad, I’m overwhelmed by all the ‘baggage’ needed for such a small person. I’m looking for something combining a bendy bus, Ikea storage, tank-like strength and DB9 looks. I now see the benefit of a Chelsea Tractor. Future Royal College of Art students, take note.

Ryan Jones, Design director, Sea Design

For some kids (not my own, naturally), Velcro suits and a soundproofed, hose-able interior should be standard in the back, but, for harmony, we’d need wheels long enough for a pool, a kick-about and a barbecue. The coach out of the Italian Job would do nicely. Hang on I’ve had an idea…

Andy Davey, Principal, TKO Design

I find driving to be a really relaxing pastime and I often use this time to make my own ‘space’. I would be keen to see the
opposite of improved social interaction – innovations within in-car entertainment that allowed different family members to experience different entertainment at the same time. Maybe focused speakers allowing totally independent acoustic environments – no more Telly Tubbies from the back seat.

Jonathan Clarke, Director, Universal Design Studio

Divorced, with two kids. As cars are often the most expensive purchase after the matrimonial home, I think one of the
best improvements would be a vehicle that divided equally down the middle, allowing easy, stress-free separation, but which could connect up again at weekends. Child pods would neatly attach to either half (for flexible custody arrangements), and have adjustable soundproofing, so parents could ‘catch up’ on affairs in private.

David Bicknell, Creative director, Echo Brand Design


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