Architecture Week goes to town with website

The World Wide Web is a wonderful thing, as anyone who’s followed minute-by-minute coverage of World Cup matches during their working day will know.

But if your idea of a decent website is one where you can upload pictures of your family and an aerial view of your home (and, yes, there are some saddos out there who positively encourage this kind of thing), then – coming soon as part of Architecture Week 2002 – could be right up your street.

The organisers are inviting the good people of Britain to submit images of their local bus stop, car park, high street, leisure centre and petrol station (among other categories) to form a concrete and tarmac portrait of the nation.

Quite apart from the dismal notion of ‘mediumtown’ itself – who’d wanna live there? – surely we’ve had enough community spirit with the Jubilee? Bah, humbug.

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