Koolhaas’ Euro flag design flies in the face of blandness

What a lot of pathetic whingeing there’s been about the Rem Koolhaas design for the European flag.

If a designer had been chosen in an open pitch, the end result would have been another run of the mill cliché typical of the bland solutions that litter your pages. I’m sure Koolhaas’ commission was from an inspired client with the strength of its convictions to go to who it thought would be best for the job.

I think the design is an iconoclastic and radical design. A design that blends nationality and presents a colourful, supremely confident and vibrant band of nations appropriate for the 21st century.

In fact, Koolhaas should be commissioned to redesign our own anachronistic, jingoistic and racist borne bit of tat.

Tim Epps


The Epps Partnership

London EC2

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