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What do you think of Monday, the new name given to PricewaterhouseCoopers consulting arm PwC Consulting by Wolff Olins? What image does it conjure up for you?

‘I’d prefer to be called Friday as everyone is pleased to see Friday arrive. As to Monday, I am not sure what it says to me. It’s certainly different, but it seems to me, like many recent re-brandings, you will need to remember what it was called before the rebrand in order to work out what it actually does.’

Mandy Merron, Partner, Willott Kingston Smith

‘If a chemist can be called Boots and a courier company called TNT, then a management consultancy can be called Monday. It will either be an industry-defining success or a complete failure. This will depend on whether the PricewaterhouseCoopers consultants believe in the concept and by the amount of money they put behind the name in terms of advertising. Accenture spent over $200m (some £135.7m) worldwide. I think it is very brave.’

Charles Trevail, Chief executive, Futurebrand

‘Bland Aid. There is no personality, no idea and no feelings. I can just imagine how they sold it in with the soundtrack Monday Monday with promises that the client could own Mondays and so on. It means nothing to me, but neither did the goldfish. Now, if they had called it Tuesday, that would have been a different matter.’

Vince Frost, Managing director, Frost Design

‘With the tide firmly against made-up names like Diageo, Monday might seem a clever return to “real” words. But, Monday is no one’s favourite day of the week; there are precedents (First Tuesday of the dotcom era); and I

can’t imagine many clients, or staff, saying ‘Monday will sort this out’ with a straight face. Whatever PwC Consulting’s strengths, this may turn out to be its weekest [sic] link.’

Mark Lee, Director, Watermark

‘Arguably any reaction is a good reaction. It’s certainly got the name around quickly for an organisation that most people will never have heard of until recently. However, thanks to the Boomtown Rats, Bangles and others, the word Monday doesn’t exactly bring to mind freshness or dynamism. While some of us obviously love going to work every Monday, I’m not sure it’s a view shared by the majority of the population.’

Rob Mogford, Director, BDO Corporate Finance

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