Barclays predicts boom time in design start-ups

The UK design industry is poised for a boom in new start-ups, according to a survey by Barclays. The survey also suggests a surge in recruitment by one-year-old consultancies.

Barclays’ latest forecast – that 470 000 small businesses will launch across all sectors in 1997 – is backed by design industry observers.

Ticegroup’s Ian Cochrane, who advises those launching design consultancies, says: “Now is an excellent time for start-ups. The environment is absolutely right.”

Design Business Association chairman Jonathan Sands says: “It seems everybody is exceptionally busy. It is a good time to set up.”

Kim Crawford, a director at recruitment consultancy Major Players, says: “This year has already shown that people are prepared to set up. This is being followed through by new set-ups realising they need to recruit quality staff.”

Although Barclays’ figures cover all types of businesses, the survey picks out marketing services as one area likely to see extra growth. Output in marketing services is predicted to rise by 9 per cent in 1997.

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