20 March 2008

Discover Ireland

New identity for Discover Ireland

Consumer travel brand Discover Ireland is getting a new identity, by Irish consultancy Designworks, which will be applied across Ireland in coming months.Spearheading the country’s ‘largest-ever’ domestic tourism push, the

Marketing collateral

Brand reaction to Green fatigue

If 2007 was the year the public finally ‘got’ climate change, 2008 looks like it might be the year of the ethical backlash. Indeed, a term has already been coined

Stefan Hoenerloh

Stone cold

London’s Westway – the elevated section of the A40 – has a certain urban grit, and has been honoured by a line in the Clash’s White Riot. But it has

Bill Wallsgrove

Time to topple the pyramids

Networks, clusters and ‘hub and spoke’ arrangements – rather than big consultancies – are the working models of the future, says Bill Wallsgrove

Oper 46, a light installation by Klima

Night and day

With Luminale light festival opening next week in Frankfurt, Trish Lorenz wonders how much longer such showcases for technology can continue to skate over issues of sustainability, while Henrietta Thompson

Silver Cross packaging, designed by Love

Buy buy baby

The market in premium baby design seems to be well and truly bouncing. ‘One of our best sellers is a Maclaren buggy with leather seat, at £800,’ says Janet Rawnsley,


This month sees the launch of a host of China design initiatives. Are we right to be celebrating China’s design achievements? Do politics get in the way? At my old

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