Iceland rebrand breaks barriers

FROZEN food retailer Iceland is undergoing a major rebranding project. The initiative includes an overhaul of many product ranges and new store interiors, and is understood to involve a new corporate identity.

The majority of the work is being done by Iceland’s in-house design team, but several outside consultancies are also involved. These include Manchester packaging group Shoot the Moon.

Iceland general manager of marketing Sara Jamison says the rebranding is part of a plan to “find a more innovative and effective way of communicating the Iceland personality”, and to be “supremos” in customer service.

Jamison contradicts reports from within Iceland that a new corporate identity is being developed. “The packaging redesign began in March and is being carried out sector by sector,” she says. “Our in-house designers are currently developing the fruit and vegetable packaging, which will hit the shops in September and October.”

Redesigned ice-cream and ready meals will be on shelves during the next few weeks. “Saucy postcard designs” adorn the ice-cream, including a series of the Mona Lisa eating a choc-ice.

A Christmas grocery range is also being developed at the moment which aims to “break barriers”, says Jamison.

Future plans include creating new interiors for Iceland’s 762 UK stores over a period of five years.

“We have a trial store in Stockport which opened in March. It features different colours, themed cabinets and new check-outs and we are 60-70 per cent of the way there in achieving a new look,” says Jamison.

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