Marketplace pilots Renault’s new plans

MARKETPLACE DESIGN is undertaking three projects for Renault UK’s 200-strong primary dealer network. The initiative is part of the French car manufacturers international rebranding process.

The first project is an audit of all 200 dealers, examining the appearance of exterior, workshop and interior spaces. A summary of the way Renault is currently presented to customers within the retail environment will then be compiled.

Marketplace will also review the fixtures, finishes, point-of-sale materials and other retail components available to dealers, before recommending additional items to enhance and animate showrooms.

Six dealerships will subsequently be used to pilot the new elements before they are made available to the entire network.

Renault UK network standards manager Mike Cook says: “Both projects reflect the ethos of Dealership 2000, the global initiative being run by Renault to raise standards and enhance projection of the brand through its dealer network.”

The third project involves Marketplace redeveloping an existing Renault site in north London. It will fit out the interior of the showroom in line with the specifications of Dealership 2000.

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