What good is design if the client can’t make use of it?

Regarding the comments made by Revolution (DW 7 May), I suspect that they are merely highlighting the fact that a lot of implementation is tiresome and dull. It is more enjoyable to be involved in conceptual and creative design work. But correct and thorough implementation is crucial to the success of a project.

A designer’s pride and professionalism should not be satisfied until the client is happy. If the client cannot send letters on its new stationery because appropriate fonts haven’t been considered, the best design in the world is devalued in the client’s eye.

The key is to create a role which allows you to stay involved, but not directly, maintaining your influence over the final result. This will free the client to use a third party suited to implementation, both temperamentally and financially.

James Alexander

Senior designer

CDT Design

London WC1

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