Congratulations to Leicester-based design consultancy Ratcliffe Fowler Design.

Congratulations to Leicester-based design consultancy Ratcliffe Fowler Design. The group is celebrating its tenth anniversary with hoards of gifts for its most loved patrons. It’s hard to say whether it was the miniature iced cake that won the battle for our hearts and minds, or its deftly drawn cartoon picture book for kids of all […]

Sea pieces Jigsaw back together

Jigsaw is set to launch the first overhaul of its branding in five years, with the roll out of a new-look identity expected to take place over the next 12 months. Jigsaw designer Katy Pegg, who is overseeing the work, confirms that the company is ‘looking’ at its identity and working with Sea. ‘We’re going […]

BMW series 1

Dave has created a marketing communications tone of voice for the BMW Series 1, targeting 25- to 35-year-olds for the first time. It launches in September.


Notes on Book Design by Derek Birdsall discusses nearly 50 of his books, and features 360 spreads and covers ranging from 1960s Penguin covers to a recent redesign of The Church of England’s book of Common Worship. Published by Yale University Press, the book is priced £30.

Loewy Group goes for growth

Loewy Group is aiming to triple the size of its business in two years ahead of an Ofex flotation, following a five-way merger last month. The £6m turnover business, now backed by entrepreneur Luke Johnson, is looking for prospective merger partners and is already close to signing deals with two creative groups, says Loewy Group […]

I won a competition, not a free-pitch, for D&AD

As a designer, I oppose free-pitching and would support any move to outlaw it. I am also opposed to branding D&AD’s call for entries competition as a free-pitch (Letters, DW 22 April). I entered last year’s competition and won.

RSA points students in social direction

A biodegradable bamboo water bottle, designed by Tirza Abb at the University of West England, won the Waitrose Internship in the Packaging award category. The bottle breaks down naturally when its life has come to an end. Postage stamp images of unusually shaped natural items, such as a cuboid tomato, were created by Lucy Hibbard […]

Phage crafts Made in Clerkenwell identity

Phage has created the identity and promotional campaign for Made In Clerkenwell, a craft and design event that showcases work from the London district. The consultancy used close-up photography of artists’ raw materials to create stickers, an A3 poster and larger window banners. ‘To maximise use of the budget, we designed the poster to fold […]

WKS data says staff up slowly

Design groups should not be tempted to staff up too quickly, says newly published research. Recent data suggest the design industry continues to command the lowest gross income per head of the five marketing sectors, outperformed by advertising, PR, media buying and direct marketing. But there is a danger of staffing costs escalating as optimism […]

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