Judge Gill serves Fred Perry tribute

Fred Perry is opening its first concept store in London’s Covent Garden this week, with interiors designed by Judge Gill, Design Week can exclusively reveal.

The 65m2 unit is a homage to the clothing brand’s 50-year history, drawing on signature elements such as the Fred Perry laurel and the classic ‘tipping’ on its shirt collars and cuffs. These motifs will be used in the interiors, with tipping emblazoned on garment rails, the cash desk and the ceiling.

‘We sat down with Judge Gill and went through Fred Perry’s whole history to identify key elements. What came out, of course, was the laurel,’ says Fred Perry’s marketing manager Carolyne Lionel. ‘Only the laurel will be displayed in-store, not the Fred Perry name,’ she adds.

The shop (pictured left) will be decorated in Fred Perry ‘wallpaper’, created by printing a range of archive photographs on to vinyl screens. There will be no window displays, so that passers-by will look straight on to these images.

The front of the shop is white, referencing the classic tennis whites of Perry. Facing the entrance are glass steps, reflecting ‘1970s council house chic’, according to Lionel. The steps will be used to display accessories and footwear. The rear of the store, which is black, will house the brand’s limited edition products.

Elements of the design may be used in other Fred Perry outlets, including concessions, says Lionel. The group’s other UK stores include the original outlet, also located in Covent Garden, and a boutique in Manchester.

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