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If you had one question to ask Design Council chief executive David Kester, author of the council’s new plan (DW 13 May), what would it be?

Sean Blair

‘The Design Council is a minnow (£6.2m budget); Science, Regions, Innovation, Productivity and Technology are big fish. Central Government is investing in the growth of the regions, and 61 per cent of DTI’s £4.4bn programme budget goes to the science and technology agendas. With these givens, the outlined Design Council strategy makes great sense. Leverage and connections are vital, but can the council outline it in more detail?’

Sean Blair, Director, Spirit of Creation

‘Design must relate both strategically and tactically to a complex environment that alters rapidly, the full impact of which, either positive or negative, is often felt in the long term. How will short-lived campaigns have the flexibility and strength to address these factors in a way that will enable and inspire all levels of enterprise?’

Bruce Wood, Project director, Different by Design

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