Basque cider Zapiain taps into modern art for UK brand repositioning by Pink Sky

Basque cider brand Zapiain, which claims to have been founded in 1595, is being repositioned for the UK market by consultancy Pink Sky with an identity and labelling designed to reference the brand’s cultural heritage.

Zapiain approached the consultancy in February and charged it with ’retaining the brand’s Spanish heritage and giving it modern, standout prominence’, according to Pink Sky partner Naomi Turner.

Inspired by Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro, Turner has created a label with ’simple lines, bright colours and an artistic motif’, she says.

Turner also looked at the Dutch de Stijl movement, which uses strong primary colours and ’influenced the work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright’, she says.

The Spanish label depicts apples on a pale yellow background. Turner’s label comprises a white, black, red, yellow, blue and green motif on a white background with a serif font.

’We needed the lettering to appear more traditional, referencing the age of the product despite the modern feel of the rest of the label,’ says Turner.

The drink is traditionally poured from a great height when decanted ’as it has to be agitated to produce a slight fizz’, Turner says.

The bottle is the same as that used in Spain. Drinkers will also be supplied with a plastic pourer to encourage the traditional pouring process.

An English language website will be developed by the consultancy, ready for the UK launch of the product at the end of the year.

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