I just saw the sad news about David Chaloner. In a time when we all get caught up in our own little worlds, this has come as an incredible shock.

David was my first ever exposure to someone in the professional world of design. He judged a student project I won in 1997, I think it was, and he became a very inspirational character to me, helping to give me real insight into our industry. He had a flair to him that was special and catching. After speaking to David for just ten minutes I always wanted to put pen to paper and try to change the world. At times like this it proves exactly how small our industry is, and that life is too short not to catch up with lost friends who have helped us on our way.

My respect goes out to David’s family and friends. Although no longer with us, he will still always be that same inspiration.

Steve Royle, The Yard Creative, by e-mail

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