CSD lecture proves the idea is still alive and kicking in design

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Designers in Belfast recently received something of a rude awakening in the unlikely form of a visit from Mary Lewis of Lewis Moberly for a CSD-sponsored lecture on her work and methods. The occasion, highly enjoyable, informative and inspiring as it was, proved to her audience that the idea in design – and packaging in particular – is not dead.

I make that comment – not to carp about the quality of design work in general – but to highlight the fact that, after graduation, young designers seem to receive little or no lead as to what constitutes function.

After all, when everybody is a marketing professional, as it seems these days, is it any wonder that safety and homogeneity are increasingly determining the shape of design? Mary Lewis’ talk unintentionally demonstrated the vacuum at the heart of so much work around us. And we all know what that vacuum is: it’s where the idea used to go.

Terry Corr

Navigator Blue

Belfast BT2 8HS

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