Telecom trinity unveils Accuris strategic alliance

Telecom Eireann has launched a strategic alliance with Swedish and Dutch telecommunications companies, in preparation for the deregulation of the Irish market in July 2000.

Dublin group The Identity Business has created the name and identity for Accuris, the alliance between the Irish company, PTT in Sweden and Telia in The Netherlands.

The consultancy was recently appointed to review Telecom Eireann’s overall identity (DW 26 September).

Accuris will initially supply telecommunications services such as call-waiting.

“The logo is a triangle with a web around it which represents the three companies and the complex, yet precise nature of the telecommunications service,” says The Identity Business creative director Garrett Reil.

“The logo triangle forms the shape of an A, for Accuris, which further reflects the idea of accuracy,” Reil adds.

The identity is being rolled out on company literature and will be applied to other media as they go live. A design group has not yet been formally appointed to work on the planned website.

If the alliance proves successful the companies will integrate more fully, creating further branding and identity work.

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