No One billed as creative high-flyer on The White Swan gastro pub

London restaurateur Tom Martin, owner of Clerkenwell eatery The Well, has opened another watering hole, designed this time by No One.

This week, the No One team put the finishing touches to its environmental branding and marketing collateral for The White Swan Pub and Dining Room, near London’s Chancery Lane.

Because the pub will retain its original name, the aim of the work was to avoid obvious interpretations for the branding, explains No One design director David Law.

‘Most pub restaurant design and branding seems to talk down to the customer,’ says Law.

‘But people are becoming more and more design literate, so for this project we wanted to raise the proverbial bar and talk at a more intelligent level.’

Alluding to the gastro pub’s feathered namesake, No One created a brand identity and a series of graphic illustrations with typography. ‘So much pub design really spells things out, which is very patronising,’ Law continues. ‘With this it’s up to the viewer to put the designs into the correct context.’

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